Monty Hall

The Monty Hall problem is based on an imaginary gameshow
  • The game based on the imaginary game show, where you are presented with three doors.
  • Behind two of the doors are goats and behind one door is a prize.
  • The host asks you to chose a door and then opens a door that has a goat behind it.
  • The host asks if you want to hold or swap doors for the other unopened door.
  • Is it to your advantage to switch your choice?
  • You may be surprised at how advantageous it is to swap. In fact, if you swap each time you play a round you will win 2/3 of the rounds you play.

  • Also included in this application is a simulation mode.
  • So you could find out how many times you would win if you played 10,000,000 consecutive games and held or swapped each time.