TeboSteg - Beta version now available for download

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What is TeboSteg?
  • TeboSteg makes use of stegonography to hide files.
  • The application allows you to embed one or more files, of any type, inside one or more image files. The embedded files can only be removed with the use of an encrypted xml file and a private key.
  • Each file, or group of files you embed, can be assigned a different private key. This then protects the important embeded files against interception. If the files are intercepted a private key can be disclosed that will expose the dummy file(s) and keep other embedded files hidden.
    There are generally two recognised uses for steganography:
  • Watermarking images - for artists or photographers who wish to protect the copyright of their images it is possible to embed a file containing copyright information into an image file.
  • Concealment of information - while it is possible to encrypt information, steganography has the advantage that information is hidden in plain sight. There is no indication that an image file generated by TeboSteg contains anything other than an image.
  • TeboSteg will allow you to embed files within images.
  • Once embedded, the only way to access the files is via an encrypted xml file which describes to TeboSteg how the files are embedded within the images.
  • Your files are embedded in a manner that prevents reassembly without knowing what is held in the encrypted xml file
  • To take things one step further this xml file is encrypted with AES 256 salted encryption, so only people knowing the password will be able to access the embedded files.
  • For added security it is also possible to have multiple passwords for the same xml file.
  • Each password will reveal a different embedded file or set of embedded files allowing for decoy files.
  • You can also embed your file(s) within multiple images, allowing for both the concealment of a large number of files and/or the splitting of your concealed file(s) across multiple images.

  • Beta version available.

  • If you only need to extract the contents of a file created by TeboSteg you can download the extractor from here.

  • The extractor is free to use and will work with any version of TeboSteg generated files.